Co.Lab is an academic playground and maker space at the University of Glasgow. Co.Lab provides a space on campus for creative interactions, collaborations and explorations. The Co.Lab brand was designed to represent the vision and mission of the maker space. The visual identity for Co.Lab is bright and dynamic and intended to promote interdisciplinary study and encourage students, artists, engineers, designers, psychologists, musicians and others to explore, learn, play and create.

Along with the brand and visual identity I designed and created a wide variety of launch material for Co.Lab including; posters, flyers, booklets, social media campaign assets, signage and 3D installations. Leading up to the launch of the Co.Lab large 3D branded cubes were placed around the University campus to create visual interest and awareness of the maker space. This project was completed by me while working with the team at Wonder Works.

Project Outcomes: Brand Design, Visual Identity, Print Design
Client: University of Glasgow

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